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A Day at Nido Fortified’s Science Discovery Center

7 Nov

I have a confession to make: I miss field trips.

You know, those yearly thing in school where you get to ride  a bus with your classmates in elementary and get excited to go to all these educational places. Field trips are not as fun as they were when we were in high school, maybe because our school chooses venues that are far too kiddie for our angsty high school taste.

Yesterday, my sister and I get to experience those elementary days again when we decided to visit Nido Fortified’s Science Discovery Center at the Mall of Asia. It is also the premiere of Passport to the Universe in their snazzy Planetarium, the spectacle in the place that I am really excited about.

(That’s my sister in the middle) The Digistar Planetarium is a 15 meter 3-d Planetarium, which is considered to be one of the best in the Southeast Asia, with its all dome video playback and its star field and astronomical capabilities.

It literally brought us to the edge of our seats! The setting is your common movie house but the silver screen is at the ceiling shaped spherically. Giving you the illusion of seeing the night sky, only that you get to see planets, stars, etc. while Robert Redford, Sean Bean or Tom Hanks narrates to you the history or facts of the images presented.

We were able to watch Passport to the Universe with the oohs and aaahs of the kids we were watching it with.

The Digistar Planetarium is a must-go if you plan to bring your kids to the Science Discovery Center. Here are the shows featured in the Planetarium:

  • Dawn of the Space Age – Featuring the exciting early days of space exploration! Be part of the historic Sputnik launch and experience magnificent Lunar landings.
  • Cosmic Collisions – Take a thrilling trip through space with these cutting-edge simulations of cosmic collisions and impacts! This show is narrated by Robert Redford.
  • Passport to the Universe – Take a grand tour of the universe from solar system to deep intergalactic space then take a ‘virtual shortcut’ back to earth through a black hole while listening to Tom Hanks as he narrates the feature.
  • Seven Wonders- Turn back the time and witness the ancient wonders of the world, see their present-day counterparts and get a glimpse of some of the universe’s greatest wonders. The show is narrated by Sean Bean.

SM Science Discovery Center also features other exhibits that your kids can interact with. My personal favorite is the Fear Shadow Wall, which simulates the feeling of being scared. You can attempt to collect fruit from a Jungle tree and if you are too careless, be attacked by a leopard. The leopard-attacking thing didn’t scare me at all, but your kids might love it. 🙂

That’s me and my sister trying out the Fear Shadow Wall


You also get the chance to fly an aircraft by their flight simulator. There’s a small LCD screen with the usual aircraft controls, simulating what the pilots see aboard a spacecraft.

You can also send email messages four years into the future through their ultra cool time capsule!

Take your kids to the Science Discovery Center or bring your friends to experience that field trip vibe again. 🙂