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A Taste of Tapella

21 May

Last Monday, me and my blogger friends were given a chance to taste Tapella’s newest menu with offerings such as tapas, seafoods, delectable stews and yummy desserts.

Chef Alexandra Cacho gave us a demo on how she cooks our Paella with manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp! (Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp paella if you are looking for it in their menu. P500) Although she was able to give us great instructions on how to cook paella, it was quite difficult to follow directions specially with a wannabe-cook like me ;).

Chef Alexandra stirring the delicious paella with Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp.

The place was enveloped with the mouth-watering smell of the sauce. It made the paella more delectable when she added the Manchego cheese. Manchego cheese is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. It is named after the Spanish Region of La Mancha. The cheese leaves a taste that is characteristic to sheep’s milk as the Chef told us. This is quite an evolution to our much loved paella.

The next dish that was cooked by the chef is the fried quail egg, pimiento with serrano ham also known as Cojonudos. This particular dish is a crowd favorite because everyone was amazed to see a fried quail egg. We usually eat quail eggs in its boiled form. Specially the ones which is quite a popular street food known as kwek kwek, a quail egg covered in orange food coloring. It is quite easy to cook as all you need to do is fry the quail egg. We can substitute the serrano ham with the usual Christmas hams we get during the holidays.

Crave for open-faced bites such as Cojonudos-fried quail eggs with pimiento and serrano ham in baguette and the juicy and savory duck fatty liver in bread.

Chef also prepared Sangrea. It is a wine punch with fruits and soda. I was not able to pay much attention on how it was made, but what I can remember is that it made me a little dizzy after a couple of servings. According to some articles, Sangrea is a traditional heritage well rooted in Spain. Kind of like the regular punch that we make during parties (Note: Gin Pomelo) but with a little panache.

Sangrea, a fruit based wide punch that made me dizzy after two servings. 😀

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Introducing, Magnolia Ice Cream!

4 Apr

Yes I know. Who doesn’t know Magnolia Ice Cream? For me who witnessed Magnolia conquer the hearts of ice cream loving Filipinos in its heyday, it is about time that this well loved brand have a monster comeback.

To introduce-I must say, to reintroduce some of the products we’ve grown to love during the nineties, Magnolia decided to give us their old new products through their Bloggers Party held last Friday at the San Miguel Compound in Ortigas.

We met MIC’s General Manager Mr. Mayo, who gave us an in depth background of what happened to Magnolia for the past years. We saw that the brand have taken the backseat for quite a long time, and he said that they are bringing back the flavors that we’ve grown to love now that San Miguel was able to reclaim Magnolia and setup their own plant in the Philippines. Which means that we now have the ability to produce Magnolia Ice Cream in our own land instead of having it imported from other countries.

Enough of the backstory, here are some of the new flavors that will be out in the market soon:

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Surfing at Marriott Cafe’s Ocean’s Surf Buffet

18 Jan

I haven’t fully recovered from the alarming weight gain from the holidays. Because of that, I’ve made a solemn vow to myself that I will take my 30-pound weight loss challenge seriously.

Until the day  I received this invite from the mail:

I rarely get invites from buffet dinners and the chance to experience this first hand in the Marriott is just an honor. So there I was in the office trying to starve myself to compensate the “pigging out” that will happen that Thursday night. Well, guess what it was all worth it! Here are some photos of the entrĂ©es from Cathie:


Any seafood craving can be sustained from the array of different entrées from the sea that welcomed us. From rock lobsters, seafood salads to sushi and sashimi, I really had a hard time selecting which entree to eat. I ended up getting almost all the offerings from the Japanese section:


The chef was able to capture the right taste of a good sushi! I was particularly in love with the ebi sushi. The plating was cute and as I bit into the prawn, the texture was soft and doesn’t stick to your teeth.

They also offer Italian dishes such as Stuffed ravioli with shrimps, Homemade Tortellini with Tune mousse and the Cafe also gives you a chance to create your own dish, an all time favorite for those who frequent Marriott Cafe.

If you are overwhelmed with all the seafood, they also serve juicy roasts from beef and lamb at the Carving Station, and some barbecue pork, marinated chicken and Beijing style duck at the Hot line section.

Ocean’s Surf will be available every Friday and Saturday dinner at PHP 1,750nett for adults and PHP 875nett for children. Children below 12 get in for half the price while children below 6 get in for free!

Marriott Cafe is ideally located at the lobby of Marriott Hotel Manila. Open daily from 6:30am to 11:00pm it offers a sumptuous local and international breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner buffet and irresistible a la carte menu.  For more information and reservations, please call (632)988-9999, find us on face book or visit


The Dove Chocolate Experience

9 Jan

Look at what I’ve got from the mail!

Its a small bag with four new chocolate bars from Mars! And it comes with a letter for the blogger who receives it:

Dear Blogger,

In this package, you will find little glorious bars of silky, smooth, chocolates that may be the last piece of the puzzle to your “Me-Time Moments.”

Dove chocolates are designed to last and linger. We could describe what’s best about these chocolates but consider this as an invitation to experience Dove for yourself, and share your Me-Time Moments with your readers.

The first time I heard that Sai will be sending me some Dove chocolate bars I thought that the soap brand is branching in to a chocolate scented soap. 😀 The chocolates have been inside the refrigerator for almost 3 weeks (my family is waiting in agony for me to open it. Yes, that bit needs to be mentioned) because I’ve been thinking about the perfect Me-Time moment to incorporate it with.

Being the seasoned procrastinator that I am, I decided to try one while I contemplate on my goals for the new year. (I know, I’m that late hehe)

I sampled the Dove Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Raisin flavor first, it looks like your regular imported brand with a small D engraved on the surface of the blocks.

The texture of the chocolate is rich with just enough sweetness. It is not like the regular milk chocolate that is too sweet. As I bit into the bar, the bits of raisins and almonds balanced the already “just right” sweetness of the chocolate.

The packaging with its soft tones and elegant font face as a design, captivates you to try the product. Although it may not be the most attractive product packaging as most chocolates in the market in the same genre, the design is just enough to capture your attention and buy it.

I finally get to finish my goals for the year and am hoping to accomplish all of them. I decided to celebrate it with thee 3 Dove bars left in the package with my family.  Too bad my Mama and sister is sick that day so only me and Papa was able to taste the chocolates! Good news for us actually. We shared the Dove Milk Chocolate bar while watching TV. Actually, I ate most of the chocolate 😀

Dove is available at all local supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores at 45 pesos in 4 variants:

  • Dove Milk Chocolate
  • Dove Dark Chocolate
  • Dove Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Raisin
  • Dove Chocolate with Crispy Rice

Get yourself one and complete your me-time moments with it!