The Basics

Hi I am Chinky Madrona. I have a sister, who successfully hits a nerve when she purposely annoys me sometimes, and a Mama and Papa who doesn’t know about this blog. 🙂

I’ve been blogging since 2004, in a blog which I decided to keep private due to some things in my past that I don’t have any plans to share anymore. You see when you are 19 your mind can be a little crazy, psychotic and uncensored. That craziness may be documented somewhere sometimes, like a bl0g. Reading through that blog made me remember stuff from that juvenile mind and laugh at how much I’ve changed, mentally and emotionally. So here I am, blogging again, documenting stuff that happened as I go around with this life.

Insane Behavior

Extremely patient but snaps for the wrong reasons. Easy to please. Into bargains and everything thrifty but nifty. Sweet (?). Temperamental, but feels guilty immediately after the mood attacks. Shy but not so much. Worrywart. Part time dreamer, full time realist. Practical. Street smart but it depends on which street (?). Peace loving human being. Hopeless romantic.


Long commutes to the office and back to homebase, Graphic Design,the Trebuchet MS font, Watching Movies, Blogging, Reading Books,Sleeping, Observing people/Peoplewatching, Tall broad-shouldered chinito guys, Daydreaming, Listening to songs, Piattos green, Meiji Black Chocolate, Freddie Mercury and Queen, Jason Mraz,Eraserheads, Sleeping, Laughing at corny jokes and sleeps in between those things that I’m interested in.


I work as a Quality Analyst at a Call Center in Makati. Yes, I love my job.

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