A Taste of Tapella

21 May

Last Monday, me and my blogger friends were given a chance to taste Tapella’s newest menu with offerings such as tapas, seafoods, delectable stews and yummy desserts.

Chef Alexandra Cacho gave us a demo on how she cooks our Paella with manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp! (Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp paella if you are looking for it in their menu. P500) Although she was able to give us great instructions on how to cook paella, it was quite difficult to follow directions specially with a wannabe-cook like me ;).

Chef Alexandra stirring the delicious paella with Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp.

The place was enveloped with the mouth-watering smell of the sauce. It made the paella more delectable when she added the Manchego cheese. Manchego cheese is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. It is named after the Spanish Region of La Mancha. The cheese leaves a taste that is characteristic to sheep’s milk as the Chef told us. This is quite an evolution to our much loved paella.

The next dish that was cooked by the chef is the fried quail egg, pimiento with serrano ham also known as Cojonudos. This particular dish is a crowd favorite because everyone was amazed to see a fried quail egg. We usually eat quail eggs in its boiled form. Specially the ones which is quite a popular street food known as kwek kwek, a quail egg covered in orange food coloring. It is quite easy to cook as all you need to do is fry the quail egg. We can substitute the serrano ham with the usual Christmas hams we get during the holidays.

Crave for open-faced bites such as Cojonudos-fried quail eggs with pimiento and serrano ham in baguette and the juicy and savory duck fatty liver in bread.

Chef also prepared Sangrea. It is a wine punch with fruits and soda. I was not able to pay much attention on how it was made, but what I can remember is that it made me a little dizzy after a couple of servings. According to some articles, Sangrea is a traditional heritage well rooted in Spain. Kind of like the regular punch that we make during parties (Note: Gin Pomelo) but with a little panache.

Sangrea, a fruit based wide punch that made me dizzy after two servings. 😀

Tapella was successful in infusing class to tradition Filipino-Spanish dishes. Here are the other dishes that we get to taste that day:

A perfect starter for a great summer meal, try the white garlic and almond cold soup (P70).

Fittingly served in a shot glass filled with grains of almonds, it features a pleasurable contrast of sweetness from the grapes, lightly smacked with garlic.

camembert and caramelized onions on flueted bread (Php 180)

For a family of bread lovers, the camembert and caramelized onions on flueted bread (180) is filling yet makes anyone wonder what’s in for the next equally scrumptious hot selection.  Considered a top-notch for its simple preparations filled with semi-sweet onions, this bread creates a noble distinction when combined with the soft and creamy camembert without the unwanted guilt.

Chorizo in Red Wine

Another Tapella’s certified favourite, the chorizo in red wine (P245), are sure to delight any meat-lovers not only for the taste but for its less oily preparation.  Deliciously tender and flavourful, each cut is made special by the complementing combination of red wine and rich red oil.

calamari el bulli (P255), Do not be deceived by the appearance as this is quite a favorite among the bloggers.

The calamari el bulli (P255), another fancy starter will painstakingly make anyone forget the old-style impression with Spanish food. Made from the squid’s black ink stains, the soft mollusk is covered into a batter resulting to a crispy and tasty dark finished, served with aioli dip and fennel leaves.

This is my favorite among all the dishes because it gives a new meaning to the “Do not judge the book by its cover” quote. The squid ink gives a different twist to the traditional calamari.

Octopus with paprika, salt and virgin olive oil (Php280)

Tapella offers a wide variety of Spanish cuisine which are familiar to the traditional Filipino household. Located at the ground level of Greenbelt 5, the restaurant is famous for its tapas and paellas plus a generous helping of salads, pastas and desserts. It is a great place to have a date or a meeting as the ambience is quite relaxed and is friendly to a hearty conversation.  For more information or reservations, call 7572710 and 7572711.


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