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Introducing, Magnolia Ice Cream!

4 Apr

Yes I know. Who doesn’t know Magnolia Ice Cream? For me who witnessed Magnolia conquer the hearts of ice cream loving Filipinos in its heyday, it is about time that this well loved brand have a monster comeback.

To introduce-I must say, to reintroduce some of the products we’ve grown to love during the nineties, Magnolia decided to give us their old new products through their Bloggers Party held last Friday at the San Miguel Compound in Ortigas.

We met MIC’s General Manager Mr. Mayo, who gave us an in depth background of what happened to Magnolia for the past years. We saw that the brand have taken the backseat for quite a long time, and he said that they are bringing back the flavors that we’ve grown to love now that San Miguel was able to reclaim Magnolia and setup their own plant in the Philippines. Which means that we now have the ability to produce Magnolia Ice Cream in our own land instead of having it imported from other countries.

Enough of the backstory, here are some of the new flavors that will be out in the market soon:

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