World’s Largest Bibingcrepe at Halfmoon Asian Cafe

30 Nov

November 23rd was quite a normal day for the city dwellers of Tomas Morato. But in Halfmoon Asian Cafe, something incredibly different was unveiled as the bloggers witnessed the unveiling of the largest bibingcrepe ever made.

Halfmoon Asian Cafe offers one-of-a-kind “bibingcrepe” and good old home-cooked Filipino favorites
Located on Tomas Morato Avenue, just a stone’s throw away from ABS-CBN and beside Bluewater Day Spa, Halfmoon Asian Café is the place to be if you’re the type who enjoys good coffee and conversations and more.

Bibingcrepe has the same fluffiness of the traditional Filipino delicacy and the creamy goodness of the French pancake. Eating it is like enjoying a taste of the provincial and the modern at the same time. Gillette, part owner of the cafe,  is proud to say that they’re the first to come up with the concept of bibingcrepe.

I don’t have the exact measurements, but the largest bibingcrepe is almost 10 times the size of the regular bilao.

The bibingcrepe was already cut in half when I arrived, so much for being late. There was also a design your bibingcrepe contest earlier where the bloggers got a chance to design their own bibingcrepe. They used chocnut, marshmallows, chocolate Nips, chocolate sprinkles among others to design their bibingcrepes. Here are the results:

Those are just the cutest bibingcrepes aren’t they? We had a lot of fun in the event! Specially when the owner told us that we can take home a part of the bibingcrepe. The bloggers were like kids taking turns, violently I must say, in getting a part of the bibingcrepe to take home. Some of us even took four boxes of the bibingcrepes home. I almost got four too, but I was a bit hesitant to show my “pigginess” to the blogging public so I took home just two of the boxes. Here is a video taken by Azrael of this bibingcrepe banter.

Aside from the Bibingcrepe, foodies can also look forward to enjoying home-cooked Filipino food, like Bangus, Binagoongang Baboy and Beef Caldereta. For first-timers, the Crispy Adobo is not to be missed. Served with a generous helping of rice, egg and pork cooked so tender with a little bit of zest, this dish will make anyone come back to Halfmoon Asian Café.

Foodies can also partake of the cafe’s myriad choices of Asian favorites: Siomai, Sirloin Tapa, Spanish Sardines and Gambas. To cap off a delicious meal, they can choose from a variety of hot or blended coffee drinks: Halfmoon Americano, Cafe Latte, Mocha, Cafe Bonbon, Chai Latte, Cool Mocha, Coffee Ice Blend, and many more.



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