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Yogurt Nation Domination!

8 Sep

Everyone wants to be healthy. Since a lot of people wants to “diet” and get fit, a lot of healthy alternatives are popping in the market these days. What’s left is for the consumer to choose wisely.

One healthy option that is becoming a hot trend these days are Yoghurts! Amazingly, there are a lot of Fro-Yo shops emerging these days claiming that they are healthy and most importantly – fat-free.

The Bloggers were invited to taste one of those emerging Yogurt shops named Yogurt Nation! Located at the hustle and bustle of Bonifacio Global City, Yogurt Nation do not disappoint.

Yogurt Nation's FroYo Machines

Offering six different flavors of yogurt namely Cranberry, Mango, Strawberry, Melon, Ube and the Original flavor. It gives every Juan a variety of fro-yo’s to their hearts content.

Yogurt Nation’s order system gives the customer free reign in choosing what type of Yogurt through the help-yourself system.

The Yogurt Machines are available for everyone to select which variant they want, as well as the quantity.

They also gave customers the option to “Razzle” their yogurts through the wide selection of toppings at the counter.

The toppings!

Here is a rundown of the step by step procedure of ordering your favorite yoghurt in Yogurt Nation:

How to order at Yogurt Nation

Frozen Yogurt fanatics will surely enjoy is their price. Yogurt Nation costs Php23.00 per oz and comes in 2 sizes, small, which is 4oz, and big, which is 7 oz.

Aside from the yoghurts, Yogurt Nation have a bar and restaurant giving its customers other ways to relax aside from tasting their yummy yoghurts.

Here are some of the entree’s in the menu that we tasted:

Nachos with Chilly Meat and Salsa Php 225.00

All meat with cheese and salsa on top served in a plate of crispy yellow tortilla chips.

Dynamite Sticks

Yogurt Nation’s very own version of cheese sticks infused with cream cheese and a mixture of cheeses.

Scuderia Pasta

Made from their own authentic Italian pasta sauce, home-made herbs and spiced meatball in “al dente” classic spaghetti and topped with parmesan cheese and parsley.

Feel free to visit Yogurt Nation one of these days!

Yogurt Nation
The Sapphire Residences, Unit 1D and 2D
31st street corner 2nd Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig