Something I Learned these Past Few Days

10 Jul

Something drastic can change your life.

Whether it be an event that happened to a well loved family member or to you, these things can change your outlook about life.

I always consider myself as invincible. Thinking that I would never get sick (just because I don’t smoke, the only ‘vice’ I got is working on the graveyard shift to finish web homeworks and ofcourse, my job) and because I also consider myself as a good Catholic. But no, what you think may not be always right.

Last June my folks and me at the office got our annual physical exam. I thought that it will just be an ordinary thing, just get your physical exam results and head back home. But to me, it was quite different.

I was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease and hyperthyroidism. Both illnesses would put me into a lifetime of meds according to an article I read in the internet.

It may sound stupid, but sometimes I  secretly ask the Lord sometimes to just take me if He doesn’t have any plans for me to get married and have kids. I have no clue that God would give me a taste of what its like when being sick can actually kill you. I was depressed, really, thinking that these will be the end of me.

But I found out that these stuff are not that serious at all, I only need to make sure that I take my meds all the time. Whew, that was very very good news for me.

These two weeks that I am on a ‘forced’ leave of absence, I learned how to value my family and all the blessings God has given me. And that we only have one go at life.

This new found contentment also made me go back to church, and thank Him for all the things I have forgotten.

I might still be looking for that love in my life, that kind of love that gives you butterflies, but for now, what I have will do.

Thank you. 🙂


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