Bloggers faced Biki’s Waterworld at Enchanted Kingdom

30 May

The Manila Bloggers were invited last Sunday, May 23, 2010 to witness the Flores de Laguna en Mayo and to enjoy Biki’s Waterworld at Enchanted Kingdom!

We were all expecting to be soaked in sweat but lo and behold: It rained! We were still able to enjoy EK due to the occasional hellos of the sun that day.

To all the non-Filipinos out there, Flores de Mayo is a Catholic festival held in the Philippines in the month of May. It lasts for a month, and is held in honor of the Virgin Mary. The Santa Cruzan is a parade held on the last day of Flores de Mayo in honor of Reyna Elena.

The winners of the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 graced the Flores de Laguna en Mayo that day. Here are some pictures:

I would love to upload all the pictures but they were just too many!

After witnessing the Flores de Laguna en Mayo, we were asked to proceed to Biki’s Waterworld, it was my first time to go there so I don’t have any real expectations on what I would see. Well, I expect a pool. A children’s pool. But I was welcomed with all these eye-candy!

We were first to experience Biki’s Waterworld Aqualympics! I can’t go into details but expect an amazing-race-type of obstacles. I’ve got to tell you that my muscles..I mean..fats…ached for 2 days after  the 10  strenuous pit stops we have to endure that day. But it was loads of fun!

I recommend this as a great idea for a team building, but expect to get tired with all the obstacle races.  EK Biki Waterworld is open daily from 4:00PM to 10:00PM. Guests should come in proper swimwear complete with swimming caps. For more details, you may call 584-3535 or 584-4326 to 29. You may also log on to


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