Why Hello There… School!

28 Mar

Skimming through my old planners way back 2007, I always include going to Design School as one of my resolutions (alongside losing weight) :(. It is darn disappointing to know that after 3 years, going to design school (and losing weight :() is nothing but a resolution.

Until now!

Yep, I finally enrolled this year. The school was not part of the Philippine “Ivy’s” but the schedule they are offering is convenient for those who work and study at the same time. I’m also one 5-minute jeepney ride away from the office so I can just chill in the office while waiting for my class.

I’ve read stuff saying that looking through tutorials and studying design on your own will give you enough knowledge to call yourself a ‘web designer’ instead of spending 5-digit-monies in design school, but so far I’ve learned a lot in a span of 2 days. I realized that I still need to know a lot of things to thrive in this business and that I have been wasting precious hours burning my ass off using magnetic lasso the entire time to crop images when I can just use the fill tool in Adobe Photoshop. (You can find stuff about these ‘lasso’ and ‘fills’ that I’m talking about on Youtube, sorry about the jargon).

There is also a different feeling when you go to school using your OWN money. (Technically half of my money, because Mama insists that she should pay some part of my design school tuition. An investment. I think. I’m just making an excuse, I guess *wink*) I want to make sure that every peso is well spent, every minute is utilized. Which is why I feel irritated when the instructor is late for class, which is something new to me because I used to wish that my professors are absent or late way back in college so we can just go out and miss a class. 🙂

I’m planning to have this web design thing as a part time gig, but who knows, I’ll wake up one day as a hotshot web designer with a multi-billion peso design company creating stuff for multinational companies. But for now, I’m just enjoying the ride and making sure that every minute of my tuition is spent well. Wish me luck!:D


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