A Round Table Talk with Erwin Genuino

21 Mar

I was invited to go to Sentro by Yehey! to interview Atty. Erwin Genuino, a mayoral candidate for Makati City. At first I was hesitant because first, I’m not really a political blogger, I only have this personal blog and a movie blog which I update more often. Second, I’m quite sure that Binay’s kid would win because he was in power for the longest time and it seems like the people of Makati likes him a lot. Third, I don’t really know anything about this Genuino guy who looks like this famous matinee idol from a big television network that we are going to hide in the name of  “Dos”.

But that talk changed all that . It opened my eyes to the real issues affecting Makati City; instead of the usual classy Makati Business District that we usually see emblazoned on a famous political candidate’s ads.

This guy also made me believe that there ARE candidates who really cared for this country.

Win answered each question without batting an eyelash. From the most serious questions about health care, livelihood, business permits and city security to the mundane stuff such as Are-you-siding-with-Ruffa-or-Kris-? questions. What really fascinates me is how this guy have a feasible platform, and how simple they are. How the hell did the other guy who gives out free movies for senior citizens did not think of that?

Photo courtesy of Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of http://www.aboutmyrecovery.com

To give you an overview, Atty. Erwin Genuino or Win for short, grew up in Bangkal, Makati City. Amidst all the praises for Makati being the central business district, few people know that common issues such as healthcare,  education and livelihood remain unresolved until now. Which makes one wonder where did all the Makati billions go. This is what Win wants to see: a new Makati through his advocacy: Bagong Makati: Kalusugan, Karunungan, Kapayapaan, Kabuhayan at Kinabukasan.

One of the major issues he tackled during the Round Table Talk was how a city that is earning billions could not provide quality education for its youth. That made me think because through the years, I’ve never heard anything great about the educational system in Makati or if the administration ever focused on it.

For Livelihood, he saw how informal settlers were relocated but was not given jobs which is the main reason why they keep on coming back to the city. He wants to change that by giving them jobs and to ensure that they have access to jobs in the place where they are relocated. There is also  One Barangay, One Product Project, wherein he aims to encourage entrepreneurship and enhance a vibrant business environment in communities. How darn simple is that idea? Why didn’t any candidate think about that?

There are more great platforms listed in his website: http://www.bagongmakati.com.

There is only one problem: I live in Taguig so there is no way I’ll be able to vote for him. But to someone out there who is a Makati resident, think things through if you are thinking about voting for that Binay kid because this guy SHOULD be your Mayor. Seriously.

Let’s see how Win Genuino conquers a Goliath. I really hope he does. It is really time for leaders who GENUINELY cares for this country.


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