Why Hello There Drizzle!

12 Mar

It’s drizzling today! I was never a fan of summer. Probably one reason is that I don’t want to flash my flabs at the beach or sweat profusely while going to work or anywhere else. There is always something mystical about the rain, it makes you remember things about the past, think about your career and what you want to do with your life.

Sorry about the drama, I just love it when it rains! I love the gradual change of the air from irritatingly hot to pleasantly cooler. Ilove how light blue the skies are and how the surroundings look like there was a massive cooling filter turned on. I love how I can sleep and not sweat :D.

But of course too much of everything is never nice. Just a little drizzle here and there makes this gal a happy camper. 😀


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