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Oh Gosh, I am Twenty Six!

31 Mar

Sorry for the ugly pictures. My camera won't cooperate in low light 😦

Yup. It happened two days ago, March 29 to be exact. Nothing “eventful” happened that day because I am not really into having grand birthdays anyway due to 1.) My birthday is on a Holy Monday, which happens almost all the time when your birthday falls on March or April (I celebrated my 18th birthday on a Good Friday. Pffft.) 2.) My birthday is on a MONDAY, first day of the workweek and first few days before the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday holidays, which means Mama can’t cook anything decent for my birthday because she can’t go on half day at work due to the tons of work they need to finish, 3.) We sort of want to make it a simple gathering. 🙂

Being in a family which is not that adventurous when it comes to food, we settled at Max’s SM Bicutan. This is actually my first birthday where we didn’t celebrate at home, and I kind of liked the entire setup better because there is not much hustle and bustle in the kitchen so mama can just relax. Here are some pictures:

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Why Hello There… School!

28 Mar

Skimming through my old planners way back 2007, I always include going to Design School as one of my resolutions (alongside losing weight) :(. It is darn disappointing to know that after 3 years, going to design school (and losing weight :() is nothing but a resolution.

Until now!

Yep, I finally enrolled this year. The school was not part of the Philippine “Ivy’s” but the schedule they are offering is convenient for those who work and study at the same time. I’m also one 5-minute jeepney ride away from the office so I can just chill in the office while waiting for my class.

I’ve read stuff saying that looking through tutorials and studying design on your own will give you enough knowledge to call yourself a ‘web designer’ instead of spending 5-digit-monies in design school, but so far I’ve learned a lot in a span of 2 days. I realized that I still need to know a lot of things to thrive in this business and that I have been wasting precious hours burning my ass off using magnetic lasso the entire time to crop images when I can just use the fill tool in Adobe Photoshop. (You can find stuff about these ‘lasso’ and ‘fills’ that I’m talking about on Youtube, sorry about the jargon).

There is also a different feeling when you go to school using your OWN money. (Technically half of my money, because Mama insists that she should pay some part of my design school tuition. An investment. I think. I’m just making an excuse, I guess *wink*) I want to make sure that every peso is well spent, every minute is utilized. Which is why I feel irritated when the instructor is late for class, which is something new to me because I used to wish that my professors are absent or late way back in college so we can just go out and miss a class. 🙂

I’m planning to have this web design thing as a part time gig, but who knows, I’ll wake up one day as a hotshot web designer with a multi-billion peso design company creating stuff for multinational companies. But for now, I’m just enjoying the ride and making sure that every minute of my tuition is spent well. Wish me luck!:D

A Round Table Talk with Erwin Genuino

21 Mar

I was invited to go to Sentro by Yehey! to interview Atty. Erwin Genuino, a mayoral candidate for Makati City. At first I was hesitant because first, I’m not really a political blogger, I only have this personal blog and a movie blog which I update more often. Second, I’m quite sure that Binay’s kid would win because he was in power for the longest time and it seems like the people of Makati likes him a lot. Third, I don’t really know anything about this Genuino guy who looks like this famous matinee idol from a big television network that we are going to hide in the name of  “Dos”.

But that talk changed all that . It opened my eyes to the real issues affecting Makati City; instead of the usual classy Makati Business District that we usually see emblazoned on a famous political candidate’s ads.

This guy also made me believe that there ARE candidates who really cared for this country.

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Why Hello There Drizzle!

12 Mar

It’s drizzling today! I was never a fan of summer. Probably one reason is that I don’t want to flash my flabs at the beach or sweat profusely while going to work or anywhere else. There is always something mystical about the rain, it makes you remember things about the past, think about your career and what you want to do with your life.

Sorry about the drama, I just love it when it rains! I love the gradual change of the air from irritatingly hot to pleasantly cooler. Ilove how light blue the skies are and how the surroundings look like there was a massive cooling filter turned on. I love how I can sleep and not sweat :D.

But of course too much of everything is never nice. Just a little drizzle here and there makes this gal a happy camper. 😀

Where Do You See Yourself 30 Years From Now?

7 Mar

My 26th birthday is fast approaching and here we go again. I feel like I am not using my time worthwhile. There goes my plan of going to design school and thinking about getting a part time web design gig, leaving my quality coach profession and just wanting to be an artist living the Bohemian way.

Transitioning is not that easy. But do I see myself to be somebody big 30 years from now? Maybe. I have my life planned inside my head, but now, I am not really sure if this is the life I want.

I don’t know. I just don’t know. The call of working in the media industry sometimes bugs me. But thinking about how much I am earning now and how small I’ll be getting if I decided to change careers is terrifying to say the least. If my sister decides to pursue Medicine then my parents needed my help. So money is definitely a thing that I need to consider.

I’ve read in one article that sometimes money is not the answer. Maybe you’ve heard how many Filipinos are leaving the Philippines to give their families a better life. Money will never answer your problems, but it sure does help a lot. Imagine crying about your problems in your car than bawling over your family’s financial problems in the MRT. Get the picture?

So now what? I don’t know. I just don’t know where this path will lead me. But I hope that God can give me an answer, a sign that I am doing the right thing.