Thank you, Househelp!

21 Feb

When the entire household goes to work or goes to school, it is hard to keep a clean house. Trust me, I know. We have been Helperless for almost 3 months already, and getting a decent meal or just keeping the shelves dust-free is not simple. Specially if you have the house deserted more often than not.

Not for now.

We got a pleasant surprise last Sunday when someone was knocking at our door. It was our previous helper! She told us that she wants to come back because her boss is not treating her well. She gets the same salary she gets from us from her previous boss…without food. She told us that her and other helpers need to have toyo (soy sauce) and rice for food until they get their pay for the month. They also need to wear a uniform when they go out, including occasional “cursings” when she does something stupid.

She’s not the best Helper, but now, I consider her heaven sent! Due to what’s happening in our country these days, its hard to leave our house without anyone to make sure that our stuff are safe. I also get to go out now, because I’m confident that our home is safe. I can finally pursue Design School, and get a dog. 😀 😀 😀 😀 The dog story is coming later, stay tuned for that. 😀

This development is such a huge deal for my family. Now we can lead normal lives and finally…rest. Yes, enjoy the weekend the way it is supposed to be enjoyed! I just hope she stays for a while.


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