Ranting Can Be A Good Thing After All

15 Feb

Remember that blog entry not so long ago where I was ranting about being dateless and miserable and talking about just buying myself some chocolates and get fat and even become more pathetically miserable?

Well somebody heard my whining and saved the day.

I posted my blog entry in Facebook last Sunday to get some traffic. I don’t really expect anyone to read me, just a click on the site to show that at least one person visited my site for the day and I’ll be a happy camper. But somebody, a random person actually read my rants!..er…not really random, she’s one of my best girlfriends in the office.

She asked me to accompany her to 7-eleven to buy some snacks. Upon leaving the store, she gave me this:

She told me that she read my blog entry about the “etceteramusa” stuff and decided to give me this chocolate to help raise my spirits a bit. Ain’t she sweet? I may not have a date. But I can survive when I have friends.  😀

Valentine’s Day may not be that bad after all.

Thanks Garl. 🙂


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