Screw Valentines Day and All Its Minions!

14 Feb

It’s that season once again that singles dread even though they deny it. I dread it. I hate that other girls get chocolates and flowers, and all that cheesy stuff while I don’t! It’s funny how through the years my Valentines day has always been in this sorry state. Take a look at some of my past blog entries:

Me, February 14, 2007 from my previous blog:

So what do boring sundays and valentine’s have in common for me? It makes me wonder how pathetic my lovelife is right now.

Pathetic seems to be overrated. Hmmm..cold, or probably blank, that’s what it is. Its probably one of those days/months when you just want to have someone to hold you, love, not the parents-and-friends type of love.

hereyouareagain. I do love being single, I dont want to start with a regatta of my fondness for singleness. But there are just moments in life when you wish you have one, when you declare yourself out of the dating business in friendster because you’re “In a Relationship”, when you can’t go out with your friends because “he’s waiting for me”etceteramusa.

Valentines. I’ve read somewhere that it began as a holiday for a god who protected shepherds’ flocks from the wolves outside Rome.

Go figure.

See how bitter I am? I even invent words such as etceteramusa. What does that mean anyway? But I don’t feel as shitty as I used to whenever this day comes along. Maybe I got used to it, or maybe I found out that there are some things in life that are far more important than getting chocolates on Valentines Day.

I’ll just get chocolates for myself! And probably watch all those cheesy love movies on cable.


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