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Thank you, Househelp!

21 Feb

When the entire household goes to work or goes to school, it is hard to keep a clean house. Trust me, I know. We have been Helperless for almost 3 months already, and getting a decent meal or just keeping the shelves dust-free is not simple. Specially if you have the house deserted more often than not.

Not for now.

We got a pleasant surprise last Sunday when someone was knocking at our door. It was our previous helper! She told us that she wants to come back because her boss is not treating her well. She gets the same salary she gets from us from her previous boss…without food. She told us that her and other helpers need to have toyo (soy sauce) and rice for food until they get their pay for the month. They also need to wear a uniform when they go out, including occasional “cursings” when she does something stupid.

She’s not the best Helper, but now, I consider her heaven sent! Due to what’s happening in our country these days, its hard to leave our house without anyone to make sure that our stuff are safe. I also get to go out now, because I’m confident that our home is safe. I can finally pursue Design School, and get a dog. 😀 😀 😀 😀 The dog story is coming later, stay tuned for that. 😀

This development is such a huge deal for my family. Now we can lead normal lives and finally…rest. Yes, enjoy the weekend the way it is supposed to be enjoyed! I just hope she stays for a while.


Goodbye, MTV Pilipinas

18 Feb

Is it really goodbye? There was a news ticker below the music videos on MTV Philippines that they are ceasing operations on February 16 and will air again someday, god knows when. What the hell happened?

I consider my generation as an MTV generation. I was in grade five (with acne and all. Oh, i don’t want to dive into the details.) when MTV was testing the airwaves on free TV. My cousin were still staying with us here in Taguig back then. I can still remember how she was soooooo obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, she was thrilled that a decent music channel can play all the recent videos. I am silently into Backstreet Boys in grade five too, but I’m trying to be cool so I liked All Saints. Bleh. 😀 I still love their song Never Ever, though.

We don’t have music channels in the past, I remember watching Aerosmith’s Crazy with Liv Tyler in a music video show in ABC 5 over and over again. There was just nothing else to watch! Runaway Train was shown all the time too. That was the late nineties my friends, and we are still watching Aerosmith and Eric Clapton. OVER and overrrrrrrr again.

MTV changed all that. I remember that when we hangout to a classmate’s house, that’s what we watch all the time. It is also one reason why I asked Mama to get cable, because MTV is grainy on free TV. I liked Mike Casem, Nadya Hutagalung, Jamie Aditya, Donita Rose and dreamed to be a VJ once too. Working behind the scenes for MTV was one of my dreams in the past.

Look, I even created a letter for MTV Most Wanted! I was supposed to ask my Lola to handcarry this to Singapore. But Papa didn’t let me because he thinks that its going to be a hassle for Lola to carry this huge box:

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Yes, I Am A Secret Agent of God

17 Feb

Today, Catholics celebrate Ash Wednesday. The name came from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of Catholics as a sign of repentance. As the priest in the homily tonight pointed out, it is when all Catholics are exposed, makes you feel holy and compels you to do good because that humbling sign on your forehead is screaming “Hey you are Catholic! Why are you going to that night club? Shame on you!” That sort of stuff.

So, on this day, seeing a guy eating a humongous order of steak with a charcoal-painted cross on their forehead is a big, big, crazy, MISTAKE.

I am no saint. I barely go to church. The last time I went to a mass was during the mass offered by the place I work to all the employees/relatives of employees in our department who are sick or has passed away.

That mass was last November. I’m not even sure, maybe it was the first week of December? Maybe. So imagine how frequent I say hello to the Lord in church. Even worse, when the priest said in his Ash Wednesday homily tonight:

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Ranting Can Be A Good Thing After All

15 Feb

Remember that blog entry not so long ago where I was ranting about being dateless and miserable and talking about just buying myself some chocolates and get fat and even become more pathetically miserable?

Well somebody heard my whining and saved the day.

I posted my blog entry in Facebook last Sunday to get some traffic. I don’t really expect anyone to read me, just a click on the site to show that at least one person visited my site for the day and I’ll be a happy camper. But somebody, a random person actually read my rants!…not really random, she’s one of my best girlfriends in the office.

She asked me to accompany her to 7-eleven to buy some snacks. Upon leaving the store, she gave me this:

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Screw Valentines Day and All Its Minions!

14 Feb

It’s that season once again that singles dread even though they deny it. I dread it. I hate that other girls get chocolates and flowers, and all that cheesy stuff while I don’t! It’s funny how through the years my Valentines day has always been in this sorry state. Take a look at some of my past blog entries:

Me, February 14, 2007 from my previous blog:

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