Chicken Deli of Bacolod Comes to Manila

25 Oct

Being a huge fan of Bacolod’s Chicken Deli, I was really excited to visit Chicken Deli which was newly opened here in Manila! I remember eating there with my friend during our 3 day stay in Bacolod. We ate there from breakfast to dinner knowing that we will miss how Chicken Deli is really different compared to the other Chicken Inasal’s out there.

The Chicken Inasal’s special status in the hearts, mouths and bellies of the Filipino people is something that Bacolod’s Chicken Deli, which stands for “Chicken delicious,” was born in 1983 in the sunny city of Bacolodm which is itself the home of Inasal. The idea came about when Chicken Deli’s founder, Mamang, felt the need and the desire to feed people with the dish they so loved: Inasal.

After being the Rockstar of Chicken Inasal in Bacolod, Chicken Deli has its sights set on conquering the Manila crowd. The low prices, sinamak, awesome taste and speedy service will surely jive well with us city dwellers.

The restaurant opened its first Metro Manila branch at the SM City North Edsa Annex just last July and is now open for franchisers to continue Chicken Deli’s time honored tradition of serving delicious Inasal that’s been cooked with as much love and care as Mamang used to cook it in the old days.

Chicken Deli also serves other parts of the chicken that are flame grilled to perfection namely atay (liver), baticolon (gizzard), liog (neck), isol (butt) and pakpak (wings). All delicious meals are served with Kanin All You Can! garlic rice, soup and special sinamak or “sawsawan”

Chicken Deli’s Manila branches are located at SM North Edsa Annex Building, 3rd floor and another branch will open next week at the G/F of Tutuban Center Mall, G/F of Cartimar shopping center and soon at Rosal St. Brgy. Uno Calamba Laguna, Pedro Gil adn Recto Avenue.

Chicken Deli see you soon! 😀

Meeting the Rockstars of Franchising

25 Oct

“Is franchising for you?” This was one of the questions Linda and Butz Bartolome asked us during a very rare interview that we have with them during the Bloggers’ Night at Fresca, Makati in RCBC. I went there without any huge expectations, but I left with tons of knowledge about how franchising works, and what it takes to succeed in business here in the Philippines.

Who’s Butz Bartolome? To those who just heard of his name, he is dubbed as the Franchise Guru of the Philippines. He continues to help entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs by giving them a chance to showcase their business in the Philippine SME and Franchise Expo 2011.

Now on its 3rd year, this well attended event will be held at the PICC forum of the Philippine International Convention Center (CCP Complex) Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Manila on October 27-29, 2011 with 120 SME and Franchise Business on display targetting over 8,000 visitors during the three day expo.

During our mini press conference with them, they talked about how they started and what are the challenges they faced during the journey to success. I was deeply amazed at how the couple, Linda and Butz slowly paved the golden road to success. Being an OFW in Saudi, Butz felt the need to start a business so that he can be close to his family and to get better income. Upon hearing this, I can’t help but think about how most of the Filipino families here experience almost the same plight. But this two really made a difference through monster perseverance and passion to succeed.

Fiorgelato, Chicken Deli of Bacolod and Uniload owners also shared their amazing stories. Truly, franchising requires a lot of discipline and hardwork in order to succeed.

Do you want to know more about how to start a business? Go to the Philippine SME and Franchise Expo 2011 and educate yourself by attending the battery of seminars they have in store for all the attendees. Members of the FIP such as Fiorgelato, Potato Corner, VCargo, Lay Bare, Generika, Cut, Bibingkinitan, Julie’s Bakeshop, Freshka, Baliwag, Chicco di Caffe, Baliwag Lechon Manok, El Bono Pizza, Unigosyo, Chichariffic and the newest member Chicken Deli of Bacolod will be joining the roasters of participants and exhibitors of the Philippine SME & Franchise Expo 2011. To know more about the 3-Day event and to register for free visit and don’t miss the chance to know about the business of starting a business through their seminars and activities that might bring you the long term success you’ve been dreaming of.

My Shirt Story

15 Sep

I’ve been browsing through my photos so I can join Electrolux’ newest contest about your shirt story. It was not an easy feat to find a particular shirt that is best for the contest, until I came across this photo:

I'm the "sexy" girl in blue 😀

This is a photo of our first Company Bowling-Movie-Dinner Night out!

I remembered how fun it was, we were able to watch Cowboys and Aliens in IMAX 3d that day and then had a bowling tournament.

The Communication Coaches and Quality Advisors department in our call center were merged during that time, and our manager felt the need for us to bond because we will be working closely together. We all had a blast, the highlight of that day is when we all went to the SM MOA Bowling Center, my very first time to try bowling. My officemate turned great friend Erik taught me how to bowl correctly. But as expected, I sucked big time! Luckily I have very skilled and competitive  😀 bowler team mates. We bagged second place during the mini tournament, no thanks to me! hehe. We do not have any prize that time, but bragging rights is enough compensation for the award we’ve got.


The boys prepping up for the bowling tournament of the year 😀

Proud second placers 😀

What made it funner is that I am with the best officemates in the world!

This baby blue shirt may just be a shirt, but it is forever part of my capsule of memories. I hope that the next person who will own this shirt will have good, if not better memories. 🙂

I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.

A Taste of Tapella

21 May

Last Monday, me and my blogger friends were given a chance to taste Tapella’s newest menu with offerings such as tapas, seafoods, delectable stews and yummy desserts.

Chef Alexandra Cacho gave us a demo on how she cooks our Paella with manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp! (Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp paella if you are looking for it in their menu. P500) Although she was able to give us great instructions on how to cook paella, it was quite difficult to follow directions specially with a wannabe-cook like me ;).

Chef Alexandra stirring the delicious paella with Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp.

The place was enveloped with the mouth-watering smell of the sauce. It made the paella more delectable when she added the Manchego cheese. Manchego cheese is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. It is named after the Spanish Region of La Mancha. The cheese leaves a taste that is characteristic to sheep’s milk as the Chef told us. This is quite an evolution to our much loved paella.

The next dish that was cooked by the chef is the fried quail egg, pimiento with serrano ham also known as Cojonudos. This particular dish is a crowd favorite because everyone was amazed to see a fried quail egg. We usually eat quail eggs in its boiled form. Specially the ones which is quite a popular street food known as kwek kwek, a quail egg covered in orange food coloring. It is quite easy to cook as all you need to do is fry the quail egg. We can substitute the serrano ham with the usual Christmas hams we get during the holidays.

Crave for open-faced bites such as Cojonudos-fried quail eggs with pimiento and serrano ham in baguette and the juicy and savory duck fatty liver in bread.

Chef also prepared Sangrea. It is a wine punch with fruits and soda. I was not able to pay much attention on how it was made, but what I can remember is that it made me a little dizzy after a couple of servings. According to some articles, Sangrea is a traditional heritage well rooted in Spain. Kind of like the regular punch that we make during parties (Note: Gin Pomelo) but with a little panache.

Sangrea, a fruit based wide punch that made me dizzy after two servings. 😀

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A Call To End Hunger: WFP’s Walk the World 2011

15 May

“Feed them so they focus on their studies” It was such a simple remark from Flow Galindez, a hunger warrior for the World Food Programme who shared a lot of information to us about their cause. Last Thursday, me together with the bloggers attended the Walk the World Blogger’s Night, a culminating event to promote End Hunger: Walk The World to raise funds for school feeding activities of the World Food Programme in numerous schools in Central Mindanao.


Participants of the End Hunger: Walk The World 2010

It might just be a simple endeavor but to some of the children, going to school is their only way out of poverty. Little do we know what this children go through to go to school. Some would walk miles and arrive to school with empty stomachs.

WFP together with its major partners: TNT, Unilever and DSM are passionate about taking action on this important issue and believe that everyone can help by joining Walk the World Pilipinas as a step towards ending hunger.

The event is going to happen at the SM Mall of Asia, IMAX Parking Lot on May 29, 2011 5:00am to 10 am. This is open to walkers and runners who would like to help in WFP’s cause to fight hunger. This is a spin-off to the usual fun runs that is quite a hot ticket these days as WFP would like the attendants to walk to the finish line. Yes walk! Categories are available after the jump: Continue reading